Power Supplies That Die And Come Back To Life...

Hey folks,

My sister's computer wouldn't turn on after they lost power about 6 months ago. I told her to wait a couple of weeks and try again because I've heard that they could all of the sudden start working again. She waited, but it was still dead. After 3-4 weeks, she dropped it off at my house. I plugged it in and nothing...wouldn't turn on. 6 months go by. I didn't do too much with it because it didn't have good enough specs to warrant the time and money. But now I decide to give it another shot. I plug it in and turn it on and it powers up. Working like nothing ever happened.

So, my assumption is that this happens because the power supply built up a charge or something that has to dissipate before it could turn on. Total guess though.

But anyway...my question is, when this happens, do these power supplies ultimately still fail? Like, has there most likely been damage/permanent damage done? Or, should things be good now? What usually happens in these cases?

I don't want to hook this up somewhere and have it fail at an important time and have to deal with it.

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  1. Ghost PC!! :)

    Strange. What PSU does your Sis' PC have?
  2. It was a Bestech in an eMachine.

    I've actually seen something similar happen once before in an original Xbox I modded many years ago. I thought I fried the thing. A week later it was back to running normal. That's why I told her to try to wait it out. Strange that it took so long this time, but...
  3. I doubt that PSU is working properly. Get a good quality PSU and be in peace!
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