Upgrading from E5200 to Q9550. Any Tips?

Hi All,

I am swapping my E5200 to a Q9550 in my GA-EP45-DS3L.

The chip is compatible with the board. I have checked.
Are there any special procedures I should follow, or a previous posting that describes this. I have looked to no avail.
Typically, is it a straight swap of will I need to flash bios etc.?
This is my first swap in an existing system so I'm light on experience.

Thanks all!
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  1. I would clear cmos before installing the new chip, other than the normal setup like ram timings and voltage, you should be good.
  2. Thanks for the info. Just need to find out how to clear the cmos on this board.
  3. Here's a quick guide...

    What you need to do is unplug the computer or click the switch on the power supply. Open your case and look for the battery, near it somewhere should be a 3 pin jumper. If it isn’t near it then you’ll have to look for it, your manual will show you where it is. Now move the jumper to the opposite 2 pins and wait a few seconds, then put it back to the original position. You should be good to go, now you can remove the old chip and install the new one.
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