Update: First Build Ever Ultra Budget Gaming

Hi! Thank you to everyone who helped pick parts for my first build at:

The computer is built! I visited a MicroCenter and actually got two different parts from the final build:
AMD Phenom x2 555BE

There was a CPU/MOBO deal where you get $40 off if you buy any of the two. So the price was the same as the original build, but with a better MOBO, and I would say a better CPU because I luckily have four cores =)


7.4 CPU
7.5 RAM
7.4 Graphics
7.4 Gaming Graphics
5.9 Primary HDD

Base score: 5.9
Is this score normal for SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB? It's detected as IDE, so I tried to switch that to AHCI using:
Didn't work. I got the same score.
As for the other scores, I don't know what average scores look like so it's somewhat meaningless to me. Are those numbers decent for what I bought?

Also for OCing: There are so many programs that automatically OCs my computer. Is tweaking from BIOS instead the best option? Also, say the GPU has its own OCing software. Should I use that, use software from my MOBO, or again use the BIOS? Not so sure where to start.

Again thanks for everything. So many question...answering one would be enough =)
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  1. I get the same score with my spinpoint. Despite how quick the drive is, Mechanical HDD's are the slowest thing in a modern computer.
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    WEI is pointless, fluctuates so much that it really doesn't matter. Mechanical drives are capped at 5.9 though, so thats normal.

    since its a BE, simply raise the Multi in the BIOS. Software CPU OC isn't suggested as your headroom is severely capped and stability is a big issue.

    For the GPU, get Afterburner/Precision/Rivatuner. You cant OC it from the BIOS AFAIK. Theoretically you can flash the BIOS of the card itself, but hats much riskier and the software options are just as good.
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