RAID 0 Setup - Installing windows 7, all good until first reboot, then hangs at

Having this recurring issue.

Im setting up a RAID 0 array, everything set up according to the product manual (Bios settings, RAID config utility settings, etc)

My issue is, once installation has completed, and it reboots for the first time, when it loads back up, it posts, it flashes the RAID screen, then hangs on the "Loading Operating System" screen, until it cuts to a black screen and wont progress any further.

It hasnt finalized installation of Windows 7, and i cant access anything short of the bios. Any clues?

I've been reading around about possible issues in relation to driver installation, and have been looking for methods to install the MoBo RAID driver, but im missing the MoBo disk and there arent any .inf files floating around, its all exe which i cant use to load drivers via the install disk.

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  1. Solve your problem by abandoning raid-0.
    Raid-0 will win you some synthetic sequential benchmarks, but in normal usage, there is no performance advantage.

    I know that is not what you are asking, or wanted to hear.
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