New HDD defective? I need advice.

I just bought two 2TB Toshiba hard drives. They are both brand new and have been used for less than 24 hours. One constantly makes a very quiet but abnormal noise even if only the power cable is connected, while the other is dead silent and only makes noise when it is actually in use.

Here's a video clip demonstrating the sound with a microphone put next to the HDD. Please note that at around 49-54 seconds a loud series of clicks occurs - this is the microphone's coil cable rubbing across my camera's body.

Should I return for a different new one? My geeky gut is telling me yes, although it is a PITA and I wish the HDD would just fix itself :ange:
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  1. sounds like in shipping the drive got dropped. i would run hp tune and check to see that the firmware the same on both drives before you start the rma. sometimes firmware fixes can fix buggy issues with drives.
  2. Info tab is all identical (except serial numbers), health is all identical, quick scan behavior and results are all identical, temps identical. I will do a thorough scan which will require some time.
  3. It keeps reporting the western digital 500gb caviar blue I have in here at 123C with non stop heat warnings, lol
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