New PSU time?

I've had my PSU for about a year now and I know it's not one of the "more-known" brands but I've never had any problems at all with it
CiT 500w (2 +12V rails combined to 27A).

Hardware Monitor never reports less than 11.58v or more than 11.78v on the +12V rail(s), other rails are almost always at what they say they are.
I'm not too knowledgeable with how power supplies work, just the basics.

When I do my setup in the eXtreme PSU Wattage calculator, it says I need 270w. I divide this by 12 and get 22.5A, this being the amperage requirement for the computer. When I divide 270 by 11.58 (lowest voltage at +12Vs), I get 23.3A. Now I know that PSUs do wear down over time, but is it close to the point where I should get a new one?

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  1. -£62/$96

    What of this one, I know OCZ memory is very reputable, what of their PSUs?
  2. *bump*
  3. If you aren't having problems with your psu why do you want to change it.

    Although your psu isn't the best you only need about 350w to run your system so its ok.

    ModX and Fatal1ty are better options in the OCZ range.

    If you think you may go SLI, that would be the time for a new psu, a decent 550w-600w unit.
  4. Well I don't really plan on getting SLi, never have done. Especially as my motherboard only has one PCI-Ex16 2.0 slot. Thanks for the response, I'll wait some time then.
  5. Yeah it should be fine, I'd get something like this for your system.
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