SeaSonic 'dethroned'?


I was asking about PSU's a couple of days ago, and the general consensus was that Corsair and SeaSonic are the way to go. Then today I log on and read this:,2796.html

neither the SeaSonic or Corsair were recommended buys - what gives? Is SeaSonic no longer considered 'the best of the best' when it comes to PSUs?
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  1. Look at this site for PSU info. It is very informative. Tom's is good but the article was a very brief and incomplete survey of available PSU.
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    Corsair, Seasonic and Antec are still all good for the price. Most if not all the recommended PSU's after the test are not made by the brand name company.
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  4. Tom's PSU reviews are not legitimate reviews, stick with sites like Jonnyguru or HardwareSecrets for your PSU reviews.
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