External HDD: Bricked or not?

Hello all,
I have been dual booting Ubuntu and 7U for a few months now. I turned on BitLocker, but when I realized that the absurdity of what I had done, I did what I thought was turning BitLocker off. The lock icon was still superimposed on the drive icon, so I'm now assuming that it didn't actually get turned off. ※I don't believe I interrupted any locking/unlocking processes.

After booting Ubuntu again it still wasn't accessible, so I went back into Windows and now it isn't being recognized there either.

If it is bricked, I'm willing to move on and write it up as 500 GB of lost cause. But, even if I can't retrieve my (decade of) data, I'd like to be able use the space again.

Where do I even start?
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  1. Better find your pass or it is bricked.
  2. I know the password, the problem is that the drive never even shows up. However, if there is another way to input the pass do let me know.
  3. I see, does it show in the BIOS?
  4. I'm not sure what to look for, but I'll check.
  5. When u start PC, first is BIOS and it lists recognized devices. HDD is there too.
  6. Looks like this.
  7. Actually, I meant I'm not sure how to see the external drive through BIOS. It's connected by USB. Will it even recognize it?
  8. Well, u could have told me first that it is USB external drive.
  9. All your USB ports are working fine? Try different ports.
  10. I've tried all my ports. Sorry I haven't been very helpful. Tom's used to put our computer info where sigs go. Here's my computer:

    case: NZXT Phantom, white; 3 x 120 mm fans, 2 x side, 1 x back; 1 x 200 mm fan, top; +1 x 144 mm fan, front
    PSU: Cellster 1000W 80 Plus Silver
    mobo: Asus Rampage III Extreme
    4009 MHz CPU: Core i7 970, stock fan
    graphics: 2GB Radeon HD 6950
    6 GB RAM: Corsair 3 x 2 GB Vengence DDR3-1333
    2 hard drives: Hitachi 2 TB SATA III; LaCie 500 GB USB (possibly bricked)
    Dual booting OS: Ubuntu 11.04; Windows 7, 64-bit
    5.1 speakers: Creative Inspire T6160
    17 in. monitor: HYUNDAI ImageQuest M17A
  11. I'm assuming it's bricked. But, just in case, does anyone else want to take a crack at this before I toss out my HDD?
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