Bad bad bottle neck?

Hi there. Yes you may laugh at me but I have a bit of a dilemma. I have a Dual-core 2ghz, 3 gigs of ram and an 9600gt. Now a sale is coming up and would like to stick a gtx 470 in there. I want to know how bad of a bottleneck am i looking at? Gonna be playing crysis or something on a 23inch screen. Your help is appreciated:)
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  1. Which CPU is it exactly ?
  2. Sorry mates it is a intel pentium dual cpu e2180 at 2.00ghz by 2.00ghz.
  3. Once you get a 470, the CPU will become the bottleneck, however right now it looks to be that your video card is the slowest one, so the upgrade is a good idea.

    You will see an increase in game speeds, just the video card will overtake your CPU now, if you upgrade the CPU, the speeds will creep up.
  4. Thanks mate. By what amount do you think it will bottle neck. Let us say for instance i run crysis at max without anti aliasing and i get 30 fps with the gtx 470 and the cpu at 2.00ghz. How many fps would i get if i then put a quad core q9550 or somethin alike? Thanks in advance.
  5. I would't say a 10fps boots since each box is different and not every one is filthy rich. I don't see any one in my area driving a Bentley. The same for much of my state. If it is what you really want and have the psu for it then go ahead. The cpu is to weak overall so I would try for at least 2.4-2.6 at first to see if the board and ram can take the clocks. If they do then gun for 3.ghz. Any thing more is only a plus but don't expect wonders.
  6. U can try, i think is worth to try, u can use ur card after ur CPU or MB is gone...
    I installed 4870 and 9800GTX+ on my P4 board also...
    SO why not???
    i know CPU will be the bottleneck...
    but that the way for budget people like me and u :)
    overclock is a good thing when u know how to do it correctly, or OC is the method to burn ur CPU and u got a reason to change the whole system :)
    So not necessary to OC
  7. Ye mates i definately will be gettin a new power supply. Prob a 550w. And yes i'm not filthy rich(yet)so i hope the 470 gtx does wonders for me. Also what settings do you guys think i'll be able to run crysis at? And what do you think my frame rates would be?
  8. depends on what resolution u using?
    lower resolution can give u higher setting,
    20 to 30fps?
    maybe ?
    not sure about it
    i think can run it smoothly
  9. u sure you cant save some money by getting a worse card and using the extra money to get a new cpu/motherboard? u might end up with the same performance in the end.
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