Hey guys. Im running a i5 760 lynnfield with a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2.

I have recently built this pc intended for gaming. I have just played need for speed on max graphics whilst having a cpu temp reader on the other screen and i noticed my cores peaked at 92c. My cores are usually around 50c when not doing anything

I have double checked my heat-sink is been firmly placed so not sure what to do.

I will add that i have not over clocked anything.

Reason why i am worried alot is that i did intend on OC.

Also the cpu voltage is aroind 1.15 i think. But i know its definitely 1.1 something.

Please help!
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  1. You can get a better cooler or try a different monitoring program. If your board bios has a shutdown temp setting, use 70 or 75c and see if it actually shuts down under load. My 750 also ran warm, but I used a stock heatsink with no thermal paste just for testing before selling it.
  2. My computer is now doing nothing and my cores are all around 70c not sure what to do now.
  3. Try a few other monitoring programs except for speedfan.
  4. Everest is quite good at monitoring temps.
  5. Buy a New HSF now....that thing is way, wayyy too hot......Check your BIOS HW monitor for correct idle temp
  6. Be to do with the push pins not going right through the holes.
    Also take care when putting the thermal paste on the cpu heat spredder, you only need a blob of it about the size of a grain of rice then spred it thin across the whole cpu spreadder.

    Think the push pins are slipping back out in one corner.
  7. Either a bad install or cooler that just can't cut it. What TIM did you use ? Shin Etsu finishes 1st here:


    Read this....


    For ease of installation and assured even contact pressure, the Prolimatech Megahalems is a fine choice (don't forget fans). Otherwise if budget's an issue, the Scythe 2100 is a great cooler
  8. If it`s gone from 50c to 70c idle, the push pins were not right the way through to the back of the motherboard .
    50 to 70c tells you that.
  9. I use this cooler for my AMD. Its freaking awesome. HUGE tho. Its cheap too. Keep my athlon x4 620 oc to 3.2ghz idle at 23c and under load 38c. Comes with its own thermal paste as well.
  10. Shaun o said:
    If it`s gone from 50c to 70c idle, the push pins were not right the way through to the back of the motherboard .
    50 to 70c tells you that.

    Yeah, and be sure to check the pins. I agree. If the pins arent all the way in then you got a problem.
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