Computer noise, Please help

Hey all, Thanks again for helping me out!

I have a bit of an odd problem, basically I installed a TV Tuner into my homebuilt computer, which after some problems works fine. One of these problems was the aerial was having difficulty picking up signal, so in the end I had to move my entire desk to a different part of the room, fine.

Anyway after this I noticed that it seemed generally louder. The fans mostly, so I actually took out an additional 80mm case fan I had installed, which helped somewhat. Anyway I was still convinced it was noiser than it was.

I have SMART Q fan turned on, but the fan but the CPU fan still gets quite loud after running the pc for a few minutes. It is a fan I bought seperately to replace the stock one, and it had been running very well and it still does seem to be working fine, just louder.

I also am sure my hard drive is making more read/write noise when working, I am sure its louder. So my first thought was the place I had moved it to in the room was somehow affecting the noise levels, but after moving it back, apparently not.

It's possible I am just being ridiculously paranoid, but is there anything that could cause any of this? It's not dust because my PC is only about 4 months old, and its very clean. I have tried having it on the carpet, but there is still something distinct about the noises from it. If its not the fans its the Hard drive...

Any ideas?
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  1. Noise problems could be from anything. It really depends personally on what you perceive as noise. I have no problems with noise so long as it's not abnormal, but I have friends who get irritated at the sound of the spinning fans.

    Was the replacement fan a ball-bearing type fan? Those tend to be much noisier than sleeve type fans.

    Also, all the noise could be just your paranoia or it could mean you have a overheating issue on the rise. I would understand all the fans working harder, but the hard drive noise throws me off.

    Are you using a new hard drive, or old one? Also what type are they? High rpm drives tend to be very loud. Old hard drives tend to be noticeably louder than newer models. But overall, hard drives tend to stay fairly quiet.

    If you have an open case or one with massive air ways, that could be another contributing factor. An enclosed case provides a bit more noise insulation than an open case.

    Maybe the placement in your room is amplifying the noise? Is it in a corner in an empty room?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I think the problem is the 80mm fan. For some reason it is difintely louder, so therefore havint it out has made the other noises seem worse when in fact is quieter.. it was a very cheap 80mm fan that cost about 97P but its also quite new.. why is it so much louder than it was ? :S

    Anyway I am not sure anyone can really help without hearing it, so thanks a lot.. I am sure I will figure something out!

    Thanks again
  3. First off 80mm fans are louder then 120mm and so on .Generally the larger the fan the quieter it is while still moving the same amount of air at lesser cfms.
    An 80mm fan has to work very hard to move the same volume of air.
    Quality 80mm fans.
    FractalDesign - 80mm Silent Series Cooling Fan-£6.35inc. vat
    Antec 80mm Case Fan-3pin Connector 4pin -£4.20inc. vat
    Nexus Real Silent 80mm Case Fan -£5.86 inc. VAT
    Note the Nexus is under 18db 20cfm.
    The Fractal 11db 16cfm.
    Antec 30db 34cfm.
    I consider any fan under 30db quiet and anything under 20db silent.
  4. Cheap fans are often noisier than quality fans because they were poorly made/designed and thus cheaper. In essence, you get what you paid for.
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