Enterprise Drives RAID10

Looking to build a virtualization server with LSI960-4i w/bbu

Was wondering which drives would produce high iops and read/write speeds?

Looking for 4x1tb, saw WD RE4 and Constellation but not sure



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  1. Hitachi Deskstar 7K series
  2. Get the WD RE.
  3. For throughput, it's tough to beat the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 series when targeting 750GB and larger drives. Keep in mind when reading their specs, they call out Sustained Transfer Rates OD. The key here is "OD". it means they do their testing/specification on the outer sectors of the disk thereby showing it's very best performance. I can't say where WD and Hitachi test theirs but they'd be foolish not to test at the outer sectors as well.

    For high IOPs you should skip the 7.2k drives and go with 10k drives. The rotational latency of the 10k drive makes short work of IO intensive read/write times.

    Your controller is a good choice (LSI 9260-4i) because with the 512Mb cache, it will truly push the data across the interface in rapid fashion. And it's relatively cheap.
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