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I was looking to upgrading my Dell 8300's processor from a Pentium 4 @3.00 ghz to something better, but I'm not to educated when it comes to processors so can anyone recommend the best upgrade I can get from my old Pentium 4? Money isn't really an issue at this point.
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  1. Before you upgrade:
    1. Run a defragmentation (Primary cause of old PC's becoming slow)
    2. MAX out your system's RAM (4GB is the max for your motherboard [1GB modules in each slot])
    3. Buy the CPU
    (and that is the best price I could find.)

    I don't reccomend you spend that much on a CPU though.
    You would be better off spending money to buy a new motherboard, CPU and RAM.
    You could have a Quad Core CPU with a faster FSB and 8GB of RAM for LESS!!
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    There is no CPU on the market that will make a viable upgrade for your system, some are a little bit faster but still slow.
    If money is not an Issue then it is best spent on a new modern system!
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