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Hello! Recently, a previous hard drive of mine was on the verge of failing, so I cloned the content into a newer hard drive. However, after a month of usage, my newer hard drive has begun to disk check every few days by moving corrupted files.

During one of these disk checks, I jotted a few lines down that included "corrupt attribute," "index $I30," and "recover orphaned file."

As I mentioned earlier, this has been happening every few days when I start my computer (a black screen appears with some white text, followed by windows 7 starting and redownloading some software.) After this, nothing seems to have changed since the last boot up: all my files seem to be there.

My only guesses as to what is wrong are:
-My disk cloned improperly/ I used a bad disk cloner (Macrium Reflect)
-I have a virus
-I received a bad hard drive (once in a while, I will hear a single incredibly loud click, similar to the sound of the clicks a failing hard drive usually emits, but I am not sure if this sound is originating from my hard drive)

I also have my old hard drive in my computer, but I powered it off in BIOS. Could that be a potential problem? I really appreciate any answers that will be able to help me identify my problem. If any extra information is needed, I will gladly provide it. Thank you!
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  1. You really shouldn't be hearing almost any noise from the HDD, you may be able to contact the manufacturer for further support and possible replacement of the drive.

    Another cause could very well be that whatever you copied over was corrupt to begin with.
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