Dow the earthpower 650 support the radeon 5770

is the EA650 power supply by antec able to support the ati or sapphire radeon hd 5770?
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  1. It can power 2 of them just fine.
  2. Hd 5770 is not that much power eating card, 650watt will be more than enough for this card using it is not going to cause any go for it.
  3. what about the amps though? Only 25 amps
  4. is that a good card for the price, and does it matter between the sapphire and ati versions.
  5. what about the amps?
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    It actually has 45A between its 12V rails not just 25, its the combined power that counts and not the power on a single rail, also the power numbers given with the cards are for an entire system not just for the card.
  7. Ok thanks
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