How close should benchmark come to advertised speeds?

I recently built a new rig with a 120GB intel 520 series SSD. I'm very happy with the drive, but just wanted to get into the nitty gritty and see how it was really performing.

CrystalDiskMark consistently reported read speeds of about ~490MB/s and write speeds of ~480MB/s

However, the advertised speeds for the drive are 550MB/s read and 500MB/s write.

Are these normal/close enough values for me to conclude that my drive is in fact working 100% properly? I already have the newest firmware and drivers.
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  1. Yes, that's close enough. It's like cars, sure they say 5.1L/100km or whatever, but in real life and when the car isn't brand new off the assembly line, there is going to be small variations. You are within a few MB/s.
  2. I guess for write speeds it's fairly close. What was sort of bothering me was the read speeds which are about an entire ~60MB off
  3. Think of it as a percentage. 90% or so is probably ok. Writes are fine, no worries there. 550 * .9 = 495. You are a bit slower then that but probably ok. Maybe try updating drivers?
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    The advertised speeds were probably made under ideal conditions, using data that the drive can easily handle and hooked up to a system where it is the bottleneck.

    500MB's is about as fast as most SSD's will realistically go.
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