Upgrade current machine advice, please help.

Current Machine Specs

Pentium E5200 @ 2.5GHz
Xigatek Cooler+Fan
OCZ 2x2GB (4GB) DDR2 Single Channel
Radeaon HD 4850 (Overdrive Overclock settings: Core 690MHz, Memory 1188MHz) 512MB Ram
WD 500GB, 7200 RPM
Basic Optical DVD Burner (couldn't located specs without removing it.)
Antec 300 w/Antec 500W Power Supply
Vista 64

I just picked up a game, Final Fantasy XIV, I meet the requirements but it runs like garbage. Here are the recommendations...

Windows 7 (I have a copy from another machine I can use, unless Vista 64 would be adequate.)
Intel i7 2.66GHz (or faster)
GTX 460 w/768MB VRAM or equivalent Radeon Card
32Bit or better resolution ( I run 1920x1080 Full Screen on a 52" LCD just fine at the moment with other games, video and streaming.)
DirectX 9.0c or higher ( I have run DirectX 10 with current card)

My wife wants me to try and upgrade at the lowest cost possible so I do not have to build a full rig. Am I screwed and have to wait till I can convince my wife or is there a way to give my current machine a platform upgrade that will handle this game at the recommended levels or higher? This game is the writing on the wall for me, had this one for almost three years and this is the first time I have run into problems.
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    Hey man, I aint to savvy on this whole ordeal but here is some tables to run off for FFXIV

    For GFX Cards and their effects on the game.

    For Processors and their effects on the game.

    You can look at these, determine where on the Tier you want to go. The closer to 1 the better the game will run. It will also give you info to see whats the cheapest components for the tier you want to aim for.

    Hope it helps man.

  2. Maybe a new 775 processor like this,

    An additional Radeaon HD 4850 CrossFired like this,

    1-3 extra 120mm Case Fans

    And a better than 500W Powersupply if needed to run the bigger processor, additional Video Card and Case Fans

    But then it seems pretty close to building a new machine on an 1156 platform, i5 or better.
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