Problem whit my CPU temperture

Hi i have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz FSB1333 4MB Socket 775 and my motherboard is Asus P5E-VM HDMI

the problem is this.... the bios say me warning because the CPU have 98ºC 205F and the temeperature is constant dont change, i put thermal compound and all, and the cooler ist cold... and the micro are cold y take whit my ands :S

sorry for my english im from spain :S
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  1. The cooler being cold is a bad sign, it's most likely not seated correctly.
  2. yea but the temperature is unchanged always 98ºC never 97 99 100 i test temperature whit speedfan
  3. Is fan spinning really fast? Is the computer freezing/crashing/restarting?
  4. the cooler is Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler, and have 2800rpm but no restarting and crashing... nothing :S but cooler is cold :S
  5. What does realtemp and coretemp say for temperatures?
  6. Ok we need to know:
    Is the thermal paste the right amount? (Pea dot size)
    And wiggle around the cooler a little when the computer is off to see if its on firmly. It its loose and moving around you will most likely have to check those pins. Make sure that the cooler pins all click in. You will hear the click, its ok if the mobo bends a little. If it doesnt click then take the pins out check if they arent bent and put them back in. Also, this is a major how much paste is on the cooler.
  7. in coretemp:

    Tj.Max 100ºC
    Core 0 33ºC
    Core 1 33ºC
    Core 2 33ºC
    Core 3 33ºC
  8. Hmmm so it seems to be running ok. im not sure about the tj.max one. Have you run prime95?
  9. no i dont instal prime95... do the test?
  10. You could to see if theres any stability issues, but i would reccomend you check the fan pins and thermal grease first, before anything.
  11. There's something a little weird here. It's unlikely all 4 cores are the same exact temp.Does realtemp say the same thing?
  12. stay off my computer all night and after turning on the cpu temperature was 98 º and according to BIOS
  13. Is your BIOS is up to date? I remember ASUS board had problems with fan controls (SC1333).

    When you applied the thermal paste did you put it in the correct method?
  14. i put thermal paste in correct method, and no the BIOS is not update because i dont do this :S im a little noob xD
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