Setting an nvidia 2200 pro mainboard to win7 and RAID


Would like to ask the forum’s advice and assistance regarding operating reference for setting Tyan s2866 sli mainboard to win7 for RAID 1 (5?).
Really nice board but, a tad "inscrutable". Nvidia forum advice (nforcers HQ) states the ‘nvidia 2200 pro is just another nforce 4 chipset’.
Following the nforceHQ (overworked) gurus advice (Create a boot floppy-cdrom to load nforce 4 drivers…) has yielded a Win7 machine that boots with single disk pack that is almost 2X the size of the anticipated RAID diskpack.
This leads me to guess the disk pack is really a Microsoft version of JBOD instead of true RAID. I anticipated getting a RAID1 array @ 320 Gigs and the BIOS displays the disk pack as 1 drive @ 598Gigs!
Before I go and try to re-create the wheel and tilt a couple more windmills, I hoped to get your qualified, ‘take’ on the pro 2200 chipset, Win 7 and Raid 1.

Plan-A: The machine will be used to store legacy data. Disk Mirroring should be,’ part of the cruise’.
Plan- B: includes buying a (low cost) PCI RAID Controller card that will allow ideally configure the hard drives and a maybe aparity drive in RAID 5.

4 Questions:
1. Any insight as to how the drives are mounted, now?
2. Is there a PCI controller card that, ’does’ RAID 5?
3. Will 2-Sata II drives and a PATA drive work together for RAID 5?
4. Is there (predictable) disk management software (available) that will configure RAID on a legacy chipset like the nvidia 2200 pro?

Tyan s2866-2nrf-rs, (sli) mainboard
Opteron 185,"denmark" proc
2 x xfx Geforce 8500gt video (configured as SLI)
2 x Hitachi Deskstar, "hdt725032vla360" P/N:0A3345 Sata 3.0 3.5" Harddrives
4 gigs Kingston Value ddr 3200 memory (KVR400X64C3A/1G )
Ultra 650 watt, "LSP" power supply.
Win7 Ultimate

Thanks in advance
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  1. 1. no
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. It depends if your motherboard supports it.
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