Compaq Presario F700 laptop DVD drive not recognized but spins

Recently my Compaq Presario F700 series (F754) to be exact) stopped recognizing my CD/DVD drive. I have not installed any new software or hardware. When checking my computer, I can see my local, network, and backup drives but not the CD/DVD drive. When I check the device manager, the CD/DVD drive does not appear. When I have windows scan for new hardware, it locates the CD/DVD and it appears in the device manager and with my system display and works fine both reading and writing CD's and DVD's.

To make matters even more confusing, when the computer originally fails to recognize the CD/DVD drive and I place a disc into the drive, it spins the disk and "Sounds" like it is reading, but then stops. After I have windows scan for new hardware and it locates the CD/DVD drive, the disc begins to spin again, the same as before, but this time recognizes the data, music or movie that is on the disc.

When I shut down the computer and restart it, the CD/DVD device disappears and I am forced to have windows re-scan for any new devices in order to use the CD/DVD drive.

Any Idea's

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  1. This may help:

    If nothing on the above page helps, your optical drive may have an intermittent fault and needs replacing.
  2. Sorry it didn't work. I still haven't figured out why it does it, but as soon as I scan for new hardware, it pops right up and works fine. Thanks for your help tho

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