Hd radeon 5770 or gtx 260 which one is better?

i am in a dilema . which one is better- a hd 5770 or gtx260 in terms of performanc and future gaming. also i am using syncmaster 2233 monitor (1920 x 1080 resolution). for this resolution among the two graphics cards( hd 5770 or gtx216 with 192 cores)which one is better? plz help..
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  1. You are comparing the GTX 260 core 192 with the 5770? The 5770 will be a bit faster but which is a better choice kind of depends on their prices.
  2. Extract From: http://www.techspot.com/review/209-ati-radeon-hd-5770/page13.html
    At $160 the Radeon HD 5770 appears to be picking up where the Radeon HD 4870 left off. Unfortunately we found the new card to be running slightly short on performance compared to both the Radeon 4870 and the GeForce GTX 260. On its favor you have a more efficient operation, a smaller PCB, some new features
    like Eyefinity and DirectX 11, though it's ultimately up to you to decide whether those make a big enough difference. End quote

    Contains Bench marks for the following:
    ■Benchmarks: Call of Duty, Company of Heroes
    ■Benchmarks: Crysis Warhead, Enemy Territory Quake Wars
    ■Benchmarks: Fallout 3, Far Cry 2
    ■Benchmarks: Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 5
    ■Benchmarks: Street Fighter IV, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky
    ■Benchmarks: The Last Remnant, Unreal Tournament 3
    ■Benchmarks: World in Conflict, Wolfenstein
    ■Power Consumption & Temperatures
  3. Most reviewers use a GTX 260 Core 216, that one does not say if its the 216 or the 192 but i find it more likely that it is the core 216 as that is the more common one.
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