OS SSD, Games on another HD and don't run correctly

I have an 128gb SSD that currently runs the OS. It is labeled as the root directory C:/ I have a secondary drive that is 600gb and labeled E:/ Everything runs properly but the games. Some of my game installs require to be in the C:/program files x86 directory otherwise they do not run properly. Due to the limited size of the SSD, I can not have everything run off of it, and want to have the vast majority, if not all of my games running solely off of the E:/ drive. Is there a way to create a directory or trick it into thinking it is indeed in the C:/ program files x86 directory when it is actually installed and stored on the E:/ drive and run correctly without crashing? My current os is windows 7 x64. I would like to be able to keep the SSD as my os drive and then the 600gb HDD solely for games and other applications. Ideas?

Thank you kindly
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  1. Yes, there is a way to trick it into thinking it's in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)

    Create a junction link in Program Files and point it to a new location on E: for the game, either before you install, or move the files after and create the link afterwards

  2. I might make an Win32 GUI app for this in C# if there is demand for it.
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