Overheating AMD Phenom 1055t 48-65c Idle- Please Help !

CPU- AMD phenom 1055T
Motherboard- Asus M4A88T-M
Cooler- Scythe Shuriken Rev.B SCSK-1100
Case- Silverstone LC17
Thermal Paste- Arctic silver 5

I have recently built my computer and much like the previous Intel QX6700 and the Pentium 4 it’s running way too hot at idle (with a decent cooler too). It’s not the ambient temperature because it’s winter right now (the CPU temperature was 50c with the case lid on and 48c with it off). I decided to check to see if I was applying the thermal paste properly (I used to use the zalman thermal paste and realize that I was spreading it too thick) so I used arctic silver cleaning solutions (wiping it off with kitchen towel- though some on the edges couldn’t be removed) and then used a small bb sized dollop in the middle (as is advised) and put the CPU cooler back on only tio find that the temperature started at 31c and after 30mins rose to 65c (after which I got bored of watching it increase further). The temperature is being measured by the bios hardware monitor (as I have not yet installed the O/S). With the previous CPU’s I already tried replacing the other components (including the CPU cooler) and it changed nothing and the CPU is definitely installed correctly (the fans are at max speed). I’m too afraid to spend lots of money on my computers these days (as the previous one cost £2500 in total and encountered other additional mysterious problems) and have never been able to really overclock any machines. I know that computers can make up some stupid random problems from time to time or perhaps I’m just cursed, but this is all unlikely.
If the temperature is still really high even with the case lid off and x2 80mm exhaust fans blowing right next to the cpu heatsink then it’s obviously nothing to do with space or obstruction. I used an antistatic wristband when handling all components and none of them got battered. The mobo temperature starts at 23c and ends on 48c (again slightly more of a problem this time round).

I’d like some suggestions on what to try or if needs be advise on who to see or what shops/businesses to take it to have someone else look it over (I’m not afraid to pay £50 if it means having this problem sorted and having the cause explained to me- I live in the UK by the way).

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  1. you have to remove ALL of the old thermal paste, use a iso alcohol 90+% pur and it should disolve it all off

    that said your temps aren't that off, my athlonIIx4 with the stock cooler was running 45-55 c idle , with my 212+ its more like 40-45 c

    as you have 2 mroe cores on the same 45 nm i'd see your temps nto that far above normal
  2. Yeah use alcohol and the artic silver remover.
  3. Your temps shouldn't be anywhere near that high at idle, I have a 1055t with a 212+ heatsink and my idle temps are between 20-30c. Running Prime at 3.7Ghz temps don't get above 50c.
  4. It could be that cooler your running. Doesnt look too good. Not sure though check the contact of the cooler to the cpu. And the amount of thermal paste on it. Otherwise it might just be a crappy cooler. The CM 212+ Heatsink is a beast at cooling and i reccomend that product. Its big though
  5. ^+1

    That cooler looks almost like the stock cooler that came with my x6 processor. If you have room in your case, I would definitely look into getting a better heatsink.
  6. If you have room in your case, get the Cooler Master 212+ from newegg for 30 bucks and get some arctic silver for 9 bucks. Then you should start to see some good results.
    Heres the HSF:
  7. Quote:
    Sounds like me you did. Remember its conductive. Have a look inspect the cpus socket and surrounding area. There might be a drop lying there somewhere.

    It could, but i dont think that could cause a heat spike like this? There could be a bad pipe in the hsf. Not sure , but to keep on the safe side and inspect all around the cpu area. But if its conductive woulnt the thermal paste cause electrical stability issue with the whole system?
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