Questions about installing my first SSD

Ok to kick things off. The SSD that im planning on buying is

My build right now is.
ASrock z68m motherboard
evga geforce 560ti 1GB gpu
i5-2500 cpu
2x4 corsair vengeance
cx500w psu
WD blue 500GB 7200rpm 16mb cache HDD

So this is my goal. On the SSD I want to have my operating system (I have a copy of windows 7 to use and im ready to do a clean install on it) I want to put my steam games, as well as guild wars 2 and league of legends. And i guess my antivirus and a few other minor things.

I want to only use the 500gb drive for music/movies/pictures etc etc, minor things.

And this is where the questions start.

What I know so far is that to install the SSD

-I first, unplug the sata cable in my HDD, plug in my SSD, boot the comp and open up the BIOS
-I then set the boot priority to SSD first, and put it in AHCI
- Install windows 7 on SSD
- Restart computer and connect the HDD again, making sure the SSD is still set to be the boot drive.
(Also iv been told to have auto defrag/hibernation turned off for the SSD's sake)

What I want to know is

1 - is getting my stuff from the HDD to the SSD as simple as copy/paste. For example, can i just copy my steamapps folder directly to my SSD, and just copy the files for guild wars and league over as well?
2 - Will i need to download all drivers for graphics card and stuff now that I clean installed windows 7?
3 - Is there any maintnance/cleanup I have to do with the HDD, for example. All the old operating system files/drivers/ other stuff, is there when it doesnt need to be. How do I go about deleting it if its only being used for media files?

4 - If I put itunes on the SSD, can I have the music itself on the HDD and it will open fast and still play music without wasting space?

ANY tips/advice would be a HUGE help!! :D
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  1. Is there somewhere else I should be posting this for advice?
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