Sandy bridge mobo malfunction or ?

So, I got a p67 board when they first came out, complete with SATA problem and all. It has not been an issue until recently, when my optical drives that are connected to 2 of the SATA 2 ports started to misbehave. In BIOS, one no longer reports anything, and the other reports some garbage identifier data. Both drives don't work IF I can boot to windows. I've pulled the SATA cables out of each and everything is OK with out them installed. If installed, sometimes when booting into windows it blue screens or locks, or waits 10 minutes to open a dir.

Is this the Sandy bridge problem or not? I have a sata 3 PCI express card on the way so no big deal if these onboards are shot or not, just wanted to know if I was a 3%er.
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  1. That definitely sounds like an issue with the MB. Especially since you have been using them fine for a while now.

    Once you get the PCI card, switch them over and you should be golden.
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