Samsung external 2tb problem

I am seeking an answer, my hard disk want me to format the disk.
How can I retrieve te files on the disk
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  1. if the problem is physical, there is no software that will help. does the drive spin up and idle just like it did before? or do you hear clicking or any other sounds that were not there originally?
  2. you do hear the spining and then it idles, no clicking, the light of the extenal drive keeps on flickering and after awhile the menu comes up You have format disk before you can use it.
    Idid try recuva, but it did not see drive F.
  3. forget recuva, get R-studio for your platform, it is available as demo here: that should do it
  4. I did dowload R_Studio and it does se driv F and the files, but they only alow 64kb, if greater I have to register and pay I suppose.
    Is there another who is completely free?
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