Can triple channel memory work in dual channel slots?

I had originally planned for an intel 960 build but then I got the i7 2600 which is a newer model but doesn't support triple channel memory unlike the older 960. My mobo has 4 slots for RAM memory, and I have 3 x4g ram modules. theoretically, shouldnt the 3 slots work with the 4 slots available?

my mobo is a gigabyte z68 ud3h b3 and I have corsair xms3 12gb
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Yes, Tri-Channel kits 'can' work, use the three DIMM slots closest to the CPU. Tri-Channel, 3XDIMM, kills Dual Channel mode. The difference between Single mode and Dual mode is <1%~2% with those kits. IF the XMS is the 1.65v then IMO it's better long-term to exchange of sell them, the Sandy Bridge CPU IMC is better suited with 1.50v or less DDR3.

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  2. It looks like from the manual for your MB you can run dual channel with 2 or 4 modules. I think it will work with 3 in single channel, but the manual doesn't say.
  3. Hello All I have this problem either
    The MB is ASUS P7P55D-E and CPU is i7-870 and there are just 4 slots on my MB but the RAM is XMS3 and Tri-channel :(
    what should I do to have the best mode? can i change the binary of MB slots? if yes, How? if no, so? ;(((
    tnx for tour nice forum (wonderful)
  4. First pls don't jump into other peoples threads with problems, and in this case believe you have already started a thread on this particular question tyou are once again poising. As was stated in YOUR post, the three sticks should prob run fine, but in single channel mode.
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