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hey all. i have a ASUS EAH5870/G/ overclocked to 950core and 1300mem, my issue is playing Crysis when adding the AA to 2x up to 8x. i average 50FPS in 1080p everything set to the highest setting and no AA. But as soon as i add just 2x AA my FPS drops to 40 which i think is a bit to far of a drop, then i up it to 8x AA and my FPS is 12. is this a problem with my card? i see this quite often with ATI cards and crysis but i think it has to do with the game. no other game has this issue. but then i put in my GTX480 which is OCed exactly the same to test, i apply the same setting and 16x AA and i still average 50FPS. does crysis's AA function only work correctly on Nvidia cards?
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  1. adding aa puts a lot of strain on the gpu (no matter the brand)
  2. yea i know, but why does my FPS drop on my 5870 so much my gtx480 has little drop.
  3. 480 is generally a stronger card then the 5870
  4. i fixed it. there was an issue with visual mod.

    the GTX480 is only stronger in tessilation, in DX10 and other DX11 features the 5870 still takes it.
  5. Crysis was written to run on nVidia cards, and has little optimization for AMD cards, especially in the neighborhood of AA, so it has a double handicap on that game in comparison to your GTX 480.
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