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I noticed that another thread was solved with the haf 922 and the lancool pc-k62 being picked out as the best midtower cases in a ~$100 budget. Im looking for a really future-proof build so im planning on buying a high quality case and motherboard first, in turn getting lower quality for the other components. Then later, im planning to upgrade my parts one by one until i have a pretty good ~$1500 rig that i will be constantly upgrading. I want a midtower case if possible because i move from apartment to apartment around every 1-3 years, and the thought of a full tower, 50 lb rig being bumped around while transporting it or even dropped doesnt exactly sit right with me. If there are lightweight full towers that you would recommend, or if there are any cases you would recommend anyway, please do!

Thanks guys! Im glad i found tomshardware to be such a great source for help so far :]
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    Welcome to Tom's...

    As for a mid tower case, the HAF 922 is the best case for price to features / performance. You can go wrong with it. The Lian Li is another great case but I would lean toward the HAF 922.

    Other options:
    Corsair 600T
    Antec DF-35
    Antec 902
    Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced
    Antec 300
    Cooler Master HAF 912
  2. Thanks tecmo! I've read so much into your guides, especially your recommended builds.. Honestly, at first I was reluctant to go by your builds, but the more i kept comparing my choices to yours, the more i realized you have done much more research than me and ended up spending hours of effort when i could've simply taken your advice. I in no way regret trying to work on my own (as it was both a very fun and informative experience), but ive been using your guides as sources for the past few weeks after deeming it trustworthy. I was wondering, is the haf 922 even better than the storm sniper as well? (~$30-50 more, i figured there was a reason) Apparently there's an issue with dust filters with the haf 922, and from someone whose lived with 2 cats for the past 3 years, that's a must.

    dadiggle thanks for the recs, but do you have a particular favorite? I have no idea what to do with so many options! Must say they look nice though.

    On a side note, do you think i should wait for the sandy bridge releases? my current cpu choice would be i3-540 $110. (aiming for a hybrid build b/w doug's budget $780 build and enthusiast $1215 intel builds)
  3. In no particular order....

    HAF 922
    ANtec 900 / 902
  4. 1) Thanks for your feedback on my two guides... My recommend build does need some updating but I figured I would wait for Sandy Bridge's release and go from there (one major update :) )

    2.) At this moment, the NZXT Phanom is a very hard case to pass on at current pricing. I'm not a fan of "Doors" but overall a great case. I'm still a fan of the HAF 922 for it's size and performance. Dust can be a concern but not hard to manage with "regular" cleaning, which even needs to be done with case filters.

    3) Should you wait for Sandy Bridge... YES!! With the release just weeks away, there is really no reason not to wait unless getting a great deal or will only have funds now type of reasons. The SB will bring some decent changes. In a review by PassMark, the only CPU's to top the i7 2600K was the $1,000 Intel Hex cores. Getting one of the fastest CPU's at $315 & overclocks to 4.9GHz on AIR... to me well worth the wait.
  5. In no particular order of preference:
    Cooler Master HAF 922 (obviously +1 to everyone on that)
    Cooler Master HAF 912 (cheaper than 922)
    Antec 900/902
    Antec 600 (cheaper than 900/902 and with some features the 900 DOES NOT have; i have this case and it fits crossfire 5770's and a hyper 212+ with plenty of room to spare :D)
    Antec 300 (scaled down version of antec 900/902/600)
    Cooler Master Storm Scout Mid-Tower
    list goes on and on and on
    have fun picking :)
  6. Personally, I don't want doors, and LED lights are more cons than pros for me. The colorful, flashing computer has never appealed to me, but if the case is good, then the case is good. I'm not willing to sacrifice personal aesthetic preferences for quality.

    So far I have the each of the following with great reviews (In order of most to least recommended):

    CM HAF 922
    Antec 902 (Since its an upgrade from 900, the older version)
    CM HAF 690 II

    Then there are these cases, which have little reviews, but the few reviews are very positive from those who have had experience with them... (Also in order)

    Lancool PC-K6X Series Dragonlord
    CM Storm Scout
    CM Storm Sniper (It seems like most people either love or hate the looks of this case, I personally like the looks, but I'm curious as to what makes up for the extra ~$40 that this case costs?)
    Corsair 600T

    There are too many cases to choose from... Should I just choose whichever looks the best to me? And is there a way to make a poll so people can just vote? That way, anybody who wants to see which cases are most preferred can just go to the poll and see which has the most supporters. I actually think that would be great, almost like a user-made review! With a few of the most trusted reviewers Top 3 Picks or something, I think it would be a nice fall-back source for many categories. But then again, I'm just dreaming again. It would be kind of complicated and wouldn't get many views.... I think.

    Anyways, Happy New Years! :D
  7. All of those are great now it's just your choice. Personalt I'd go for the 902/900 but it's your preference for your computer!
    Happy thanksgiving (just kidding)
    Happy new year!!
  8. Get the 922 from amazon no shipping :D

    Don't be on the wall about the case pickup the 922 now, I have it and it is a wonderful beast in terms of dust accumulation just use compressed air once a month to clean your rig.
  9. Hi tchrisxcrosst... happy 2011...

    I see that a lotta people have recommended a lotta cases (some great and some average)... So before you choose just hear this piece of info which many be of some help... its just common sense... for the record i own a Haf X so no need to feel that i'm biased...

    Till sometime ago i was into cases which had maximum exhaust fans and just a few intakes... made sense then to blow out the air inside the case and have some cool air coming in... then someone pointed out this article about the opposite effect... well this one made more sense... so i researched and did some more and this was my conclusion... my ex is a surgeon so i was privy to a couple of operation theaters... one thing i noticed was that there were a lotta of AC vents but not a single exhaust... so when i asked about this i was told that pumping CLEAN and SANITIZED air will ensure that outside air (and dust) doesnt enter the room through any gaps... i think this explains enough... PERIOD...

    Since then i have modded my Haf X to ensure that i have more intakes with filters and just one exhaust... Believe me this case is truly the best in terms of all other aspects... just like tecmo said it would involve cleaning the case periodically for dust... And i would recommend the Haf X if you were into full towers...

    Since you are looking for a mid tower, i would recommend the Silverstone Fortress 2... mind you its expensive ($250) and a tad smaller for a mid tower (Haf 922 is 253 (W) x 502 (H) x D563 (D) and FT-02 is 212 (W) x 497 (H) x 616 (D)) because of its mobo positioning... Its got all the goodies that you would want in a mid tower without any LED's or visible fans or grills etc... i just love the case except for one negative... a few PSU wires (if they are not long) for the GPU run over the fan unlike besides them...

    Ultimately it all comes to your choice... I'm a rig builder and when i recommend this almost everyone raise their eyebrows over the cost (its a true killer) and thats the only reason i see you not going for it...
  10. really like what (abully) said, thumbs up :D

    I would recomend the

    ill be doing my first build, but really trying to read up and learn alot b4 i go for it, also waiting for sandy-bridge.

    I think its both good looking and has a great air flow, 5 fans total. u should also be able to mod it a little to have positive air flow, more intake then exhaust.
    just buy some case fans and see how that works.
  11. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for all the help guys! There are honestly many great cases out there and I've decided to first get some experience working with cases before actually buying a top notch $100-250 case.... And I get the feeling that spending so much on a case will undoubtedly be overkill especially if I don't know how to use every feature it incorporates. Considering the upgrades I could get with the savings, I don't imagine it being an efficient use of money. Sticking with lower-tier cases like the antec 300 (illusion probably) or cm elite/haf 912 seems to be just fine as of now considering I'm not even a hardcore gamer or high resolution picture/video editor.

    Don't think your advice was not helpful though! I may not be getting a more expensive case yet, but I certainly did get haf 922 pounded into my head. Besides that, this thread might as well be closed. The case seems to rely on your personal preferences more than any other piece of a computer. As of now, I'm thinking my future case will be a 922 with extra dust filters, more fans, and repositioning of the fans. Who knows... I will be consulting many sources including tomshardware, thats for sure.

    Updated recommended builds! :D
  12. I play Starcraft 2 once every 2 months never edit pictures aside from small and play Sims 3 once a month I have a HAF 922 its a great case and keeps everything cool

    morale of story: you don't need to be hardcore to enjoy a nice case
  13. Oh yes and the positive pressure, I've read up on that as well!! I will definately make sure my case has positive pressure regardless of what case I'm using. Too bad the price is so high just as you said. :] Thanks for the help! The fortress seems so promising...

    The Lexa looks amazing I must admit. All the features that come with it seems nice too. But I don't like doors on cases and it looks a bit easy to scratch. The Lexa S will definitely remain in my list though, it's reviews are solid.
  14. This is what an Antec 300 can look like but honestly rather than spending the time and money on it just invest from the start and it all comes pre-made.
  15. tchrisxcrosst said:
    Oh yes and the positive pressure, I've read up on that as well!! I will definately make sure my case has positive pressure regardless of what case I'm using. Too bad the price is so high just as you said. :] Thanks for the help! The fortress seems so promising...

    The Lexa looks amazing I must admit. All the features that come with it seems nice too. But I don't like doors on cases and it looks a bit easy to scratch. The Lexa S will definitely remain in my list though, it's reviews are solid.

    The FT02 is simply the best air cooled case out right now, stock, out of the box, and while it's expensive, you get a case that is quiet and cool. Thankfully, if you had your eyes set on an FT02 but found it to much, the RV02 is virtually identical in performance, for quite a bit less. You should be able to find one for ~150. I think that's a pretty reasonable price considering the case could arguably last you through quite a few builds since standard mobo sizes probably won't change.

    The massive benefits from the RV02/FT02, besides being a very good air cooler straight out of the box with no additional fans or mods required, is that it's fairly easily to do cable management on, it's a positive pressure case with filters that are extremely easy to remove and clean, and nothing is better then having a case for a year and having the inside look like you just installed everything.

    Having said that, with a budget in mind, the CM HAF 922, CM 690 II and the Lancool PC-K62 are all good $70-100 alternatives.
  16. Is RV02 silent as well? And by good cooling out of the box,do you mean the new models with AP181 fans or also before that?
  17. Yeah, all the models are silent and excellent, given the choice the rv02-ew is the one to get though.
  18. I prefer HAF 922
  19. i agree with SamiSC the NZXT Lexa S is a great case and mixes style with great value for money :) althought it does have 3 LED lights on the front albeit not big flashy ones just subtle :) did my first build in one of them and had ample space with a non-modula PSU. :)
  20. anroin said:
    Is RV02 silent as well? And by good cooling out of the box,do you mean the new models with AP181 fans or also before that?

    It was already the best air cooled case with the FP181s, the AP181s basicly cool as well on low as the FP181s did on high. icing on the cake really.
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