What PSU do I need?

I'm building a new rig and I'm not 100% sure on the wattage for my PSU
6gigs of Kingston DDR3 1333mhz ram
Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower
i7 950 3.06ghz(will oc, though im not sure how much yet)
XFX/Sapphire 6950(I'll probably try the bios hack and I might get another one to crossfire)
2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Intel X25-M Solid State Hard Drive 80 GB
Promilatech Megahalems CPU cooler
if it matters I'm currently using a 24" monitor and I may get 2 more of the same kind for eyefinity

So what PSU?
thanks :p
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  1. I would look at the XFX 750W or Corsair 750 AX/HX models for your build. The SeaSonic X750 is one of the best out... IMO. Corsair 850 AX/HX are a great option, as well if you want more "head room".

    Also, you can review the recent Tom's article on PSU and check out one of them (though I don't necessarily agree :) ).
  2. If your not planning on crossfire, a good quality 500 to 550w will be plenty.
  3. I recommend you use a no less than 750W CF ready PSU with 80+ certified well-known brand PSU if u want to go CFing and OCing.

    Here some suggestions:


    FSP Group Everest 85PLUS 800 800W ATX v2.3 / EPS v2.92 80+BRONZE

    Antec CP-850 850W Continuous Power CPX ATX12V v2.3 & EPS12V V2.91 80+
  4. If you are not going to Crossfire (like, ever) or unless you want to upgrade down the road, you will be fine with just about any 550w PSU.
    Here's a good one (that I have had great success with):
    It's an OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550w MODULAR Power Supply for a nice price. I am actually running crossfire 5770's on it with absolutely no problems. It should easily take the 6950 (very easily).
    Or you could go with the Corsair equivalent: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139004&Tpk=corsair%20550w
    Like I said, if a 6950 isn't enough (honestly, it should be for ANY GAME) just upgrade the power supply down the road sometime. But a 6950 beats (narrowly) 5770 crossfire, which handles CRYSIS Warhead at very playable framerates as long as you don't push the AA up way too high lol...
  5. Quote:
    This is a big no no FSP Group Everest 85PLUS 800 800W ATX v2.3 / EPS v2.92 80+BRONZE

    Can u tell me why..? :)
  6. Quote:

    Ok the same model is not there but the others in the series are there. Just click on the reviews. The reviews are either from Johnnyguru, hardwaresecrets or HardOCP.com.

    So they are trust worthy

    Have a look

    Thanx for the reviews !! It's very interesting. My friend's using everest 600 for his i7 and gtx 460 talon attack without any problem. (although i've ever heard bout some beeps issue with the i7 and evga 460, but I thought it might be the vga problem). I also had my own exp with the FSP SAGA 400 and Blue Storm 500 years ago for my pc, and also no problem at all.

    A little story:
    There were 2 kinds of SAGA 400, the black SAGA and the white one and they had same specs. I used the black, and my brother used the white. We used exactly the same specs for our pc (the only difference is the color of our PSUs). As it's written above, I had NO PROBLEMS with my pc, but my brother's sometime restarted itself. i was told it was a PSU problem. I replaced my bro's PSU with Blue Storm 500 and it never had any problems since then..

    Nonsense..!! Was it a 'PSU color' problem..? Never got explanations bout that.. :(

    Could it be because of a 'wrong' Quality Control (QC) procedure? Well, the review u gave doesn't have the everest 600 nor the 800 on the list, so I hope the 600 and 800 aren't as bad as their 'other family members'...

    once again, thanx anyway for the review.. Maybe you're right, I start thinking that I shouldn't get the everest on my list..
  7. Would suggest a 650 watter for one GFX card and an 850 watter for two

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at jonnyguru.com / prices as per newegg on 12/31/2010 and ones w/ double asteris (**) made it onto silentpcreview.com's Editor's Choice List:

    Note: Just because you see a brand name on this list, never make the assumption that their other lines are of matching quality. Silverstone for example has other models w/ 6.0 and 7.0 ratings.

    On this list the standout bargains are the Antec EA-650 @ $50, the Antec CP-850 @ $120 and XFX Black Edition 850 @ $130.

    650 watt power supplies

    Antec Signature 650W (10.0) OOS **
    Seasonic X-650 650W (10.0) $135 **
    Silverstone Olympia OP650 (10.0) NFS

    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W (9.5) NLA

    Antec Earthwatts EA650 650W (9.0) $50

    Antec True Power Trio 650W (7.5) NLA

    XFX XPS 650W XXX Edition Power Supply (7.0) NFS

    850 watt power supplies

    Antec SG-850 - 10.0 ($250) **
    Antec CP-850 - 10.0 ($120) **
    XFX 850W Black Edition 10.0 ($130)
    Corsair HX850 850W - 10.0 ($170)

    Antec TruePower Quattro (TPQ-850) - 9.5 ($150)
    Corsair TX850 - 9.5 ($130)
    Seasonic M12D 850W - 9.5 (NLA) **
    NorthQ Giant Connector 850W - 9.5 (NFS)
    Etasis ET850 - 9.5 (NLA)
    Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF - 9.5 (NLA)

    Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W - 9.0 (OOS)

    Thrmaltake Toughpower XT 850W - 8.5 (NLA)
    OCZ Z Series 850W - 8.5 ($165)

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 850W - 8.0 (NFS)
    Coolmax CTG-850 - 8.0 (NFS)

    SilverStone Decathlon DA850 - 7.5 (NLA)
    Enermax Galaxy DXX 850W EGX850EWL - 7.5 (NFS)

    SilverStone Strider ST85F - 7.0

    Silverstone Element ST85EF 850W - 6.0

    OOS - Out of Stock / NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available
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