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I recently bought my first SSD. During install of Win 7, actually within a few secs of starting the install, I get this error. Google was almost no help as all the posts I found were relating to copying something to something. (although I guess I am, lol) This is a clean install, with a known working disc. Any ideas? Board is I set the SATA mode to AHCI. Umm, dvd drive is sata as well. I have the AMD drivers on a flash drive, in case I need them. Am I missing something here?

Oh, sidenote. I'm trying to install win 7 on the same drive with it in my laptop, to insure the drive is not faulty. It's gotten farther than my desktop has...
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  1. make sure the ssd firmware is up to date. make sure your mb has all the bios updates. check your windows cd for damage. could be a bad cd or a bad burned cd. try downloading the iso image of windows and use the microsoft iso to usb tool.
    on the ssd itself try doing a secure erase to make sure there nothing wrong with it. if it not the windows image or the ssd check your ram and memory speed. if there set wrong it can damage windows. ie ram timing.
  2. Making the bootable USB currently. Oh, laptop installed just fine. It's like 5 years old. Old core 2 toshiba. Installed flawlessly, and quite quickly as well. Once I'm done with the bootable USB, I'll update the firmware, if needed. It's an ADATA XPG SX900, in case it makes a difference.

    Firmware was up to date, so no need there. USB boots fine. This is a known working ISO. I've used it about a week ago, so that's not the issue. RAM was oc'ed. Removed that as well. It's going again currently. I unplugged all of my sata drives...

    And just got another error. This one is 0x80070570 .
  3. do a secure erase then on the next install hit f6 for custom install of windows and install the amd chipset drivers. sounds like there an issue between windows and the ssd. (missing the right sata chipset driver).
  4. Did an erase in Windows. Grabbed the AMD AHCI driver, and used another flash drive to insert that driver. Shows as a correct compatible driver. Now, when I'm looking at the drive selection screen, I don't have an option to delete or format the drive. Just load driver, and refresh. Gets to 15% of expanding files, then i get the error ending in 0570. I'm at my wits end with this...
  5. try taking 1/2 the ram out to see if there a bad stick of ram. if it errors out then swap the ram. I would also download a fresh windows iso andmake a new usb iso. to rule out a bad iso.
  6. Well, I fixed it, although it's not the best fix. I ended up just installing, using the same dvd as in the beginning onto another spare drive, then cloning to the ssd. Boots just fine, no issues.
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