Slow write speed Kingston SSDNow V200 256GB

I bought the SSD drive (Kingston SSDNow V200 256GB) for greater performance on my pc. Overall it feels much faster than the regular HDD however when i did some SSD speed checks they`re nowhere near the product specs.

Below are screenshots from CrystalDisc and AS SSD Benchmark

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As you can see write speed is really bad.
Is there any way to make it faster?

I`m sitting on Windows 7 64 bit my mainboard is quite old Gigabyte G31M-2SL i have the drive connected via Sata cable (i think its only SATA II) on which the system is installed and i also have another HDD drive connected (i dont know if that changes anything).

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Yes, your motherboard is old and does not support AHCI mode.

    Your benchmark results are probably the best you're going to get.

    It's possible (but I doubt it) that connecting your SSD to port SATAII0 (see page 24 of your motherboard manual), and changing the On-Chip SATA Mode to Enhanced (page 40) may give you slightly better performance.
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