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Computer will not boot from SSD

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January 12, 2013 10:02:41 AM


I'm running a homebuilt system with a 120 OCZ Vertex 4 SSD as a boot drive and a 1TB HDD to store data. It's all run fine for about 4 months, but this morning it would not load Windows (7). It just displays a black screen after POST, the 'starting windows' screen never appears.

If I go into the BIOS, the SSD is still recognised. If I launch startup repair from a bootable Windows setup disk, the SSD and the Windows install on it are both recognised. Note that I tried running startup repair and system restore; neither had any effect.

One obvious short term solution is to simply reinstall windows to the HDD, but that does not resolve the underlying problem with the SSD. Similarly, if I were to reinstall windows to the SSD the same thing might happen again.

Also, I don't know how relevant this might be, but a couple of days ago I got a warning message from the Asus AI suite about the voltage on the 3.3V rail. I checked, it's now at just over 3.4V, which seems slightly high...

Has anybody seen this problem before / know how it might be fixed? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


John (FlutterGuy)

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January 12, 2013 10:37:08 PM

In BIOS, is the SSD set as the first drive to boot?
January 13, 2013 8:13:36 AM

Yes, it was first in the boot order, it was still refusing to load

I believe the problem has now been fixed. I was able to boot to safe mode, and after that an ordinary boot was successful. The underlying problem still worries me a bit though...