Ram memory for GA-Z68XP-UD3P ?

I bought computer parts yesterday but the motherboard and the CPU and other users and posts i have read suggest that RAM voltage shouldn't be higher than 1.65 V

Now I didn't know this before purchase but now I am left with

Kingstone HyperX Genesis 2x2GB - 1600 MHz 1.65 V ram

or KHX1600C9AD3/2G

Is there any way to lower the voltage of the ram stick - and will this cause any problems or performance downgrade?

The only other option I have is this ram


the site is in another language but you can see from the picture and specifications - is that ram good?

Please reply fast!
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  1. It probably wont be at that voltage when you install it. Most MB step them down to 1333 MHz and a lower voltage. I assume your getting this for a 1155 board.
  2. vigilante212 said:
    It probably wont be at that voltage when you install it. Most MB step them down to 1333 MHz and a lower voltage. I assume your getting this for a 1155 board.

    Yes it is 1155 board i have written the board above.

    It says it supports 1.5 V memory in the manual. But on the ram it says its 1.65 V - is there any way to limit the board or the ram to not go beyond 1.5 V?
  3. You set it manually in your bios. My ram are rated as 1.65V but I manually changed it to 1.5v. I did drop the speed though because I need to overclock in order to reach 1600mhz. I believe that Z68 has higher memory standard.. you should check if you need to overclock. You can buy any ram preferably kingston and g.skill because they're cheaper and works as well as corsair.
  4. First of all, why do you have only two choices? There are a LOT of choices for DDR3 modules at places like NCIX. If in doubt, order from there and get a normal 1.5V set.

    (just one example of inexpensive, but good RAM. I think it's the Canada site; change to US if needed.)

    Your BIOS should automatically apply all correct voltage and timings. The only exception to this rule is:
    1. your present BIOS does not contain the profile for your RAM (update the BIOS if possible. it may have an updated RAM profile)

    2. the voltage specs of the RAM are beyond what the motherboard can handle. Would they really make RAM that motherboards can't handle?

    RAM can operate at different frequencies and voltage levels. If the BIOS is "smart" and can't support 1.65V then it should use a lower frequency and lower voltage.

    *I would be surprised if your motherboard, using an updated BIOS did not apply the correct settings automatically for your RAM.

    **Run Memtest to make sure things are okay.

    ***I discovered in an ASUS motherboard manual this:
    "DIMM voltage below 1.65V is recommended to protect the CPU"

    I suspect you'll be fine.
  5. Thank you very much photonboy. This is very important for me as it is the first time I build a computer on my own.

    What worries me is that on the RAM sticks i have it clearly says 1.65 V - and on the motherboard it says it supports all DDR 3 1.5 V - its in the manual's first pages.

    I didn't put the parts on the motherboard because I don't want anything to go wrong!

    Besides I have an i5-2500K processor for which it is recommended that no ram beyond 1.57 V. And it is recommended 1.5 V.

    The thing is I can't order outside of my country. Thats why my choice is limited.

    Is it possible to limit the RAM sticks to work on only 1.5 V even though they are 1.65 V. I don't care if they drop to 1333 MHz, but not below that.

    Thanks again for your replies. I will be waiting impatiently for your comments again!
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