AMD Phenom 9150e quad core CPU temp problem


I have a Gateway desktop that was purchased about 18 months ago. It has started shutting down without warning over the past week or so.

I installed Speed Fan (4.42) and ran some simple measurements.

My CPU temp was getting > 110 deg C during heavy useage (long periods of Flash playback)

I compared the speed fan reading to the reading in the bios and it is close, so I think that its reflecting the truth of the bios reading.

I measured the cpu temp with a digital meat thermometer by measuing the temperature of the thin metal blades installed beneath the CPU fan. The blade temps were about 20 deg C lower than the bios reading. When I did this I did notice that all the fans were spinning and I cleaned out all the dust.

I am assuming that the high core temperature is what is causing the PC to shut down.

Any ideas on how to proceed?


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  1. Yes I checked this when I opened up the box. Nothing is loose.

    Could the thermal paste go "bad"?

  2. Its funny that I am having the same issues with my PC shutting down due to over-heating these past few days out of nowhere, and this is AFTER I cleaned the heatsink and re-seated it to give it better air flow. I am going to buy some thermal paste later today and re-adjust to see if that helps. PC was running with 8 gigs of RAM/SWTOR MMO and at around 120 degree F before it shut down.
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