Oem for the new hard drive or no?

Ok so i have Asus U56e laptop where the hard drive is dying. I get messages to replace it and sometime i can hear it clicking. So being aware of that, Everyone would say backup the files or hope you did already? The only files i need is the operating sytem which in windows 7 64-bit. Everything is is junk and i got rid of it anyhow.

So which bring me to my main question:

Since i do not have the recovery disc from asus, and i cannot create the image using the backup since the harddrive keeps failing, could i use a oem windows 7 brand new i have sitting in my house unopened on the new hardrive i wanna buy?

I went the the asus website and they charge 50 bucks for the recovery disk, but why pay it if i can use a new os i have already . Any help would be greatly appreciated ty

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  1. It would probably work if it is the same windows version (ie. home premium). Make sure you get the key from the bottom of the laptop before trying. Do you have a new hard drive?
  2. Yes indeed it is the exact same Versions. They are both winodws 7 64 bit sp1 home. Just bought the new hard drive, gonna try to install it tonight. Anything else i might need to do?
  3. Only thing I would suggest, if you have the money, is trade the new hard drive in on an SSD at least 120gb and use it instead of a hard drive. For laptops it will speed up load times incredibly and reduce battery drain. But if that's not an option, you're good to go....
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