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I am building a gaming rig and i need help to find a great chassis.

Can someone recommend a chassis that can house at-least three graphics cards for a tri-SLI and supports a great cooling system.

Please no fancy lights or anything i prefer no lit fans or clear sides or anything.
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  1. CM Storm Sniper - the front has LED on/off button and fan control as well as dust filtration throughout the case.

    1 x 120mm Rear fan
    1 x 200mm blue LED front fan
    1 x 200mm blue LED top fan
    1 x 200mm blue LED side fan
  2. The corsair 600T would be my first choice. you can move the drive cages around to allow for better airflow to the gpus.
  3. With tri-SLI, let me assume that price is not a major obstacle.

    Look at the lian-li PC-X1000 $299:

    It has 3 140mm front fans, no bling, no side windows, and plenty of room
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