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Hey guys im new to overclocking/unlocking cores in general. I recently built a computer with the Phenom x2 555 BE i figured that i might as well see if it is possible to unlock the cores and make it a quad. I am not sure what exactly to do. I turned ACC to auto and the computer hangs on start up at the windows screen. Is there anything else to do/try? Does this mean there cores are defective? Thank you for any help or guidance!
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  1. And EC Firmware to Hybrid but that depends on your BIOS. What motherboard?
  2. It a Biostar A770E3
  3. You can try manually enabling / disabling the 3rd and 4th cores, or decreasing the per core % values to see if you can find stability. Maybe you could get to a three core... Very well could be "unlockable".
  4. Mine needed a 0.025v increase on the cpu to boot.
    Runs stable @3.7 quad with 0.075v increase.

    Try increasing cpu voltage up to 1.5v max, try underclocking it (reduce the multiplier).
    If it doesn't work try the same things with a triple if you have that option.
    If that doesn't work you may have to accept that you got what you paid for a dual core, now clock the hell out of it. :D
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