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Afternoon all,

Im not sure if this is the correct place to request further info from, if its not i apologise for the mistake. Last night i purchased a new case for my pc and thought it would be a simple swap over.

However i found this to be not the case

Im now currently recieving this messege ' Hard drive not found,disk boot failure insert system disk,

I ave checked all sata cables and replaced as well. I have also changed the power cable to the harddrive.
I also bought a new motherboard and a new harddrive and im still getting this messege,

i insert my windows cd when requested and press enter, nothing.. it just keep repeating the request for the OS CD,

Im so conused, i have replaced everything so that it shouldnt have been a problem.

PS - I have been into the bios and changed he start up method, from Hard drive to cd etc..

What the hell do i do, i feel like launching the damn thing out the window!!!
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  1. Ok, after pulling everything out 1 by 1 - the dvd drive was nakered, so i have since replaced.

    However i now have a new problem. When loading the setup for windows 7 it doesnt recognize any hardrives even tho 1 ssd nd 2x 2tb hd are connected.

    It allows me to find the drivers through either cd, usb or floopy. However i cannot seem to find any sata drivers for windows 7 - i have downloaded from Gigabytes website the drivers associated however the scan reveals nothing on the disc... very confused,
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