Which is faster USB 3 or eSATA?

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  1. Neither really. They are two different technologies. What is your intended use for either technology?

    If you want to get granular:

    USB3 = 5gb/s

    However the drive itself will be the limiting factor unless SSD's are used.
  2. eSata needs less overhead than USB3.
  3. eSATA can go 6Gb/s

    Up to 16 drives via the port multiplier function -- but they all share the bandwidth.
  4. I am using an external HD doc and poss processing my pic in Lr4 and PS CS5. My HD will be a WD Blue 7200 rpm 6GB sata III.
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    Either technology will suffice. I have external drives via USB3 and eSata and they are nearly identical. Again the drive itself will be the bottle neck.

    You won't notice the gains
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