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I7-930 and Crossfire 570's Bottleneck?

Will an i7-930 at stock speeds (but undervolted to 0.9735v in BIOS) bottleneck two 5770's (1 Sapphire Vapor-X 5770 and 1 HIS IceQ 5770) in crossfire?
My motherboard is an Asus p6t (not deluxe, not SA, not Ws pro or whatever, the first -- good -- one), and I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+
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  1. oops, the title should be "i7-930 and Crossfire 5770's bottleneck?"
  2. Your pSU isnt listed.
  3. It's OCZ Fatal1ty 550w (OCZ550FTY) Modular Power Supply
    And before you ask, yes, it's completely stable mornings overclocked beyond whatever the speeds were out of the box to make sure of that part.
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    No, you should not have any bottlenecking problems with that setup. The Motherboard's pci-e lanes and processor are made for just that type of set up. The power consumption for each card under full load is 284 watts. The second card probably doesn't draw the full power under load so you should be ok. But I've run a couple of psu calculators and they all say at least 600 watts. Are you experiencing trouble or just asking?
  5. Actually this was just a question to see if I needed to overclock the processor at all :D
    @suteck: The Antec PSU Calculator (and another post of mine) cleared up the power issue for me so no problems there..the calculator says about 471w with 20% capacitor aging, High end atx, i7-930 (2800mhz, 0.99v), AMD 5770 crossfire, 1 high RPM sata hdd, blu-ray burner, 4 120mm LED, 2 120mm regular, 1 250mm LED (i don't really have that much fans that is just the max i can have in my case, and it's actually 1 200mm fan but there isn't an option for that), 3 USB devices, and 6 sticks DDR3 SDRAM

    These system specs overshoot what I actually have (3 LED 120mm, 1 regular 120mm, 1 LED 200mm, 1 normal sata hdd, 3 sticks ddr3) they are just the maximum possible for my case and it still checks out fine!

    @dadiggle: there's no reall issue i'm just making sure because ive read about slower performance than usual

    Just to clear up, I'M NOT HAVING ANY ACTUAL PROBLEMS this was just to make sure. Thanks for all your help though!
  6. Even a i5 750 can handle 5770 crossfire
  7. ^ I don't think so. The boards for those processors are hard to find even an X8 X8 set of pci-e lanes.
  8. @dadiggle: It's all right...I realized the poor wording of my question lol

    Thanks to everyone, I did a check I read about (overclock the processor and see if there is a significant framerate increase to check for bottleneck) and there was not a significant framerate increase yay! Now I can game with temps <45C instead of at 3.5GHz the temps reached almost 55C wow...
  9. At 55*C I would run it at 3.5 or a little higher. That chip will run forever at 67.5*C with no harm.
  10. @suteck: prime95 goes up to 61C and i don't like temps more than 60 generally, at 2.8GHz it barely cracks 50C at prime95
    @dadiggle: I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ with Arctic Silver 5 (that's what i've been using since i put the PC together) So basically I already have a aftermarket cooler lol... But that's my fault for not clarifying that point...that Intel stock cooler just HAPPENS to be a stylish paperweight you know hmph :D
  11. You could still run it at 3.5GHz. Other than stress testing I doubt you will ever get it to 60*C during normal operation. Can almost guarantee it. Run real temp and then run as many programs and games as you can for an hour or two, more if you want, and when you're done check the max temp on real temp. Nothing raises the temps and cores activities like a stress test. Try it just for fun and see. And Yeah, I never even took the stock cooler out of the plastic container the chip came in. LOL
  12. Yeah I have it back at 3.5GHz just because my WEI went from 7.5-7.7 with that overclock lol :D
    Gaming temps (with BFBC2 which stresses the processor A LOT, almost prime95 levels) syas below 55C at any time and prime95 peaks at 64C with fa very happy with the performance of double 5770's and the i7 :)
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