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Is it possible to run dual monitors off 1 graphics card, and have a video game running on one monitor and the other monitor used for web surfing at the same time. Im afraid that when running a game in full screen, I click on the other monitor, the game will minimize to the task bar ..

Card is a Radeon 4870
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  1. Yup, that is exactly what i do at school. If you run a game in windowed mode(borderless windowed mode works best) you take a slight performance hit, like 4 or 5 FPS, but when you alt tab to a different window it doesnt minimize the game. I have a 4850 running a 21.5" widescreen that i game on and a 19" that i have my instant messenger client and a web browser open on.
  2. There is a easy way to configure most anything you want to do with dual monitors.
    3d games usually automatically start on the monitor assigned as #1.
    You can have a movie playing full screen on monitor 2 if you choose, and that will stay full screen while your gaming on #1.
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