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Can recognize Sata drive in windows but not in UEFI

January 12, 2013 4:19:30 PM

I've got a new build, which is working well apart from a few issues with SATA.
Mother Board:
Asus asus p8b75-m/CSM

I have a weird problem. I have a 230GB HD that contains the OS, this drive is recognized each time without issue. I also have a DVD drive which is recognized without issue. I have 6 different SATA ports on the MOBO and have confirmed all work and windows will load with them by using the working HD in each slot and loading up windows.

So to the issue, I bought a Western Digital green 1 TB drive. When I put the drive into the MOBO for the first time, both drives were viewable in UEFI and I could choose which one to load with. I then loaded windows with the 250GB HD and used Disk Management to format the drive. After that things got strange. When I look into the UEFI now the drive does not exist, and the SATA port it is physically connected to tells me that there is nothing connected to it. However when windows loads the drive is there, accessable in explorer and disk management. So I decided to boot with a linux live CD and see if the drive would show up in there, it did not, using fdisk it was not seen.

So my real worry is that this is a MOBO issue.

Any suggestions