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Hey guys, just want some advice on a gaming computer im building for a mate on an AU $900 budget
He wanted something with a decent amount of power, it will be predominately used for gaming, games like SC2, BFBC2, and Dirt 2 and will be running dual 1920x1080 monitors. Got this build priced for $881, just wanted some advice on alternative pieces maybe, or possible compatibility issues

Seagate SATAII 500GB 16m Cache
CoolerMaster Centurion 5 II Silver Tower Case W 500W PSU
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T(2.8GHz)
Gigabyte ATI HD5850 1GB OC Edition
GSkill 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1333 PC10600
ASRock 880GM-LE AM3 M/B
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  1. samsung spinpoint f3 500gb/1tb

    case ur choise...

    xfx black edition 850w

    amd phenom ii x4 955

    xfx ati 5870 (try to get the one that has the cooler on the right)

    g.skill 4gb ddr3 1600mhz cl7

    asus m4a79xtd evo
  2. If thats a CM Extreme 500 i'd say ditch it for an 80+ 550-650W PSU @@
  3. Ended up switching the cooler master case and psu for an Antec 900 2, and a corsair tx650w. Also changed out the mobo for an Asus M4A87TD
  4. so ur dont want it crossfire ready?....
  5. he wasnt too interested in xfire, the single 5850 should be more than enough
  6. Hmm Antec 902 is a tad over rated IMO so i'd hit that step up to HD 5870 ^^
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