Unable to find both HDD and SSD but both are working properly

Just finished a pc build and I am having a hard time find both of my hard drives in Windows 8. My primary drive is a Corsair Force III 90 gb SSD and my secondary hard drive is a 1 TB WD.

After the build was complete I was able to boot and install windows 8 on my SSD. The WD was an option to install on and is still view-able in my BIOS. What is perplexing is that both drives are visible in the Device manager--> Disk Drives BUT only the SSD drive ( and my optical disk drive) are available in the disk management viewer/My Computer. Additionally, right clicking on the hard drive and tabbing over to the hardware tab shows both hard drives are present and the WD drive's device status is "This device is working properly."

Any advice on how to allow use of the HDD moving forward would be a huge help.


PC Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LK Z77 LGA1155 R
CPU:Intel Core i7 3770 3.4G 8M R
OS: Windows 8 64 bit
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  1. a. you should have installed windows with only the ssd attached. Now you have the system restore partition on the hard drive which will cause problems if you ever need to remove it.
    b. in computer management, go to disk management. You should see your hard drive there. You must initialize it, create a partition, and format it.
  2. Thanks for the insight about installing with both drives, I will use that going forward.

    Unfortunately, the HDD is not visible in Disk Management which is the root of my problem.
  3. Can you try the hard drive on another system to see if it's working?
  4. Unfortunately, I do not have any other desktops.

    I can see the drive in the BIOS and by right clicking on the SSD local disk (C-drive)--> Properties-->hardware--> All Disk Drives. It shows

    Manufacturer: (Standard Disk Drive)
    Location: Bus Number 1, Target Id 0, LUN )
    Device status: The device is working properly.
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