Can't run memory in dual channel HELP!

motherboard: Asrock M3A770DE
ram: 8gb(2 x 4gb) ddr3 1600 Kingston hyperX
cpu: phenom II x4 955be

Sorry I'm a real newb at this. Ok so here's the deal...

I've cycled through every possible combination and found that when i have ram in either the b1 or b2 slot, it won't post. Meaning that I can only run it in single channel. I've tried updating the bios but had no luck. Please help.
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  1. If you want to install two memory modules, for optimal compatibility
    and reliability, it is recommended to install them in the slots of the
    same color. In other words, install them either in the set of blue
    slots (DDR3_A1 and DDR3_B1), or in the set of white slots
    (DDR3_A2 and DDR3_B2).
    2. If only one memory module or three memory modules are installed
    in the DDR3 DIMM slots on this motherboard, it is unable to activate
    the Dual Channel Memory Technology.
    3. If a pair of memory modules is NOT installed in the same Dual
    Channel, for example, installing a pair of memory modules in
    DDR3_A1 and DDR3_A2, it is unable to activate the Dual Channel
    Memory Technology .
    4. It is not allowed to install a DDR or DDR2 memory module into
    DDR3 slot; otherwise, this motherboard and DIMM may be
    5. If you adopt DDR3 1600 memory modules on this motherboard, it
    is recommended to install them on DDR3_A2 and DDR3_B2 slots.
  2. yes, but the problem is that whenever I install it in the same color slots, whether it be blue or white, it will not post. The only combination I've gotten to work is installing it in A1 and A2 (blue and white), but this is single channel. Installing a single dimm in either A1 or A2 works as well. But when installed in B1 or B2, It won't work.
  3. Okay, for first please check your processor pin..i mean needle in the back of processor..
    because i had case like this, after short investigation i found one of my processor pin has broken..

    can you see it..? :D

    second, clean your mobo from dust, it maybe short between your memory slot connector.
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