Can anyone suggest a cpu cooler?

I'm looking at building my own system but am concerned about it fitting. Can you put a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ on a micro ATX motherboard (ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO) and it not hit my RAM??

And the cooler needs to be socket AM3.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Except Heper 212+ i doubt any other Cooler would fit. Even Hyper 212+ is a big doubt!
  2. I have a 212+, it depends on the ram you buy. Any with tall heatsinks won't work. And my board is a full size ATX and the fan still hangs over the RAM sticks. Lucky for me my ramsinks are short so I didn't have any issues. I did have issues with my northbridge cooler and had to "mod" it to fit the 212+. Buy short ram sticks, and a board with a low profile NB sink.
  3. H50, I have mine in micro atx mobo. But it costs 80 dollars :(
  4. How is your H50? Does it do a good job for overclocking?! And how is it for noise?
  5. MrDeanie said:
    How is your H50? Does it do a good job for overclocking?! And how is it for noise?
    My micro mobo doesn't allow me to oc my quad , so I don't know . You should read some reviews.

    These are my temp at stock clock q9550:

    25c idle(speedstep disabled)

    40-45c load. stress testing

    I've never seen it go above 50c even in the Summer.

    Noise? I have a very loud case , so I can't tell . I would think it's quiet.

    I'm only using 1 stock fan that came with h50

    That's why I bought the h50 'cause other coolers won't fit in my antec 300 case with micro . I also have tall ram.
  6. Thanks, I'll look at reviews. there half and half. Some say it's amazing some hate it though. :L Ahh well i'll have a look to see what's what in more reviews. Thanks. :)
  7. Anyone know about how far you got overclock with the H50? to 4.2GHz??
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