How do i know what graphics cards are compatible with my computer?

i have a hewlett-packard company
Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180
@ 200 GHz 2.00 GHz 32 bit operating system and i have no idea what decent graphics cards work with my computer! help! (i got all the info from my system panel, so i have no idea what it means.)
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  1. Well you have a slim computer which means you can rule out nearly all high-end cards completely. The only cards I can see fitting into your machine would be something like these:

    They'll give you a little boost in games, but if you're upgrading to play games and not just watch videos then I would suggest thinking about getting a whole new computer.
  2. ok, thanks, but for my computer being nvidia, does that mean I need a nvidia graphics card, or does it not matter?
    Also, would these cards help with lag a lot, stop lag, not do much a all, or just make the graphics look nicer for games like Metro 2033 and Left4dead?
  3. also, if i needed to resort to getting a new computer (which would be hard to persuade me t do), which one would you recomend (cheapest one possible)?
  4. You can install ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards in your computer. They will help in some games and help a lot with video smoothness.. but games like Metro 2033 have a HUGE need for resources. As far as I'm aware, Metro 2033 takes more graphic power than nearly any other game available at the moment. Your computer will never be able to run it on high settings at a good res, and you'll need to buy a completely new one to play it.

    There are NO cheap gaming computers. You get what you pay for.. so if you're looking to pay £300 you won't be able to play high-end games. If you pay £800 for a computer you'll be able to play nearly all games on highest settings. If you pay £1400 for a computer you'll be able to play all games currently on the market, and be set for another year or two without any trouble.
  5. You can get a new mobo, CPU, RAM, video card and case.
    Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3
    AMD Athlon II X3 445
    Coolermaster Elite 335
    Kingston DDR3 2GB 1333MHz
    Sapphire HD 5670


    And maybe a PSU, depends on what you have now.
  6. ok so what about other games like far cry 2, mafia 2, and games like half life 2 and left4dead 1 and 2?
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