Seeking Advice for VideoEditing/Gaming Build

Approximate Purchase Date: 1 to 2 weeks or sooner

Budget Range: 1000-1300 Before rebates or w/e

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Editing, Photoshop, Web Design, Gaming, Internet

Parts Not Required: keyboard, speakers, monitor, mouse, external hdd

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,,,

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences: Intel over AMD

nope, but going to learn sooner or later

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments:

This is just for video editing but i do plan on playing games, specially starcraft2.

Following is the build i came up with.

CPU = Intel i7 950 3.06ghz...............................$309.99 at NCIX

Mobo = Asus Sabertooth x58...........................$214.99 at Canadacomputers

PSU = Corsair HX 750W....................................$159.99 at Canadacomputers

RAM = Mushkin Blackline 6gb 1600mhz.............$142.00 at Canadacomputers

Case = Coolermaster HAF 922 Mid-ATX.............$89.99 at NCIX

GPU = eVGA GTX 460 756mb.............................$199.99 at

HDD = WesternDigital Caviar Black 650gb.........$57.99 at NCIX

DVD = ASUS Black 24x........................................$24.99 at

Total = 1199.93

I also need to get a heatsink and probably some more fans for the case.

I already have mouse, keyboard, monitor, and also an external 1TB.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    CPU = Intel Core i7-930 $CA285.99

    MOBO = Asus sabertooth x58 $CA 199.99

    RAM = 6gb Mushkin enhanced blackline 1600mhz CAS8 $CA 154.59

    PSU = XFX Black Edition 750w modular $CA 129

    CASE = Rosewill Cruiser Black $CA 74.99

    CPU COOLER = coolermaster N520 $CA 32.99

    HDD = Seagate Barracuda 500gb $CA 41.99

    GPU = Galaxy GTX 460 768mb $CA 186.49

    DVD = Samsung Black $CA 23.99

    TOTAL $CA 1130.91 (excluding mail rebates which add up to $CA 50)

    These are all taken from and i would have loved to have given you a screen shot but im on a laptop right now >.>

    The i7 930 is just as good as the 950, but with lower clocks which can be easily overclocked to the same performance.

    Hope it helped!
  2. timmybazza said:

    Yes, the 930 is the same as 950 with a 200mhz difference which is easily overclockable. It just that its only a 15 dollar difference, and i didnt want to overclock right away. Im not sure, just a little greed to go with the higher number here. I will keep looking around to see if i can get the 930 for cheaper or what not.

    I've heard alot of good reviews abt the XFX, however, i did also come across one forum where someone said that the psu blew up when maxed out. of course me or mostly anyone else here are not going to max it out to that extent. it was only maxed as part of a testing method done by the some psu testers. However, because it doesnt shut down before sparking, it seems stupid. Plus it is xfx's first installment of psu right. Ive heard how corsair are amazing psu's. i guess the price point is what sells. What do you guys think?

    The rosewill case i am not a big fan of. I think rosewill is a new egg brand. Not to sure but i cant find their products at other stores. Im not sure if im going to stick with the HAF922 or choose the CM Scout. Any suggestions?

    Uhm, y do you reccomend the galaxy gtx 460 over the evga, its about 15 dollars cheaper, but any reason why other then cost?

    Thank you for your help.

    by the way, the 1130 cost of the build you offered isnt including shipping is it?
    The problem is i really do not want to have items shipped to my house. I have some really bad experience with the UPS man. Long story.
  3. no shipping included. The galaxy gtx has a detachable fan that makes it a lot easier to clean and they have heatpipe cooling which means overclocking is easier as temps are kept down. with the 930 you dont even need to adjust voltage, just up the bsclk by a few mhz and you shud be even with the 950. The Rosewill case has just as good cooling but is a lot cheaper. The XFX psu has silver rating, meaning you save power, whilst the corsair tx750 is not modular and only has 80+ rating.
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