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Drive acts like it is burning but disc still blank afterwards...

Drive: LITEON iHAS124-D 8L0A (Serial ATA)

Problem: Regardless of burning engine used (have tested Nero, ImgBurn & BlindWrite) drive acts as though it is burning, opens session, writes lead-in, writes data, writes lead-out, closes session & finalizes but when the disc is reinserted in ALL drives it acts as if it is still blank. I have ensured that it is a REAL burn and not a simulation; so I don't understand what my drive is doing wrong. I JUST got it and upgraded the firmware, so that might be it as it didn't do that before the firmware, but I'm not sure if the firmware can be downgraded either if that is the issue.

If anyone needs logs, please let me know and I will post them.

EDIT: Apparently ClubMyCE users have reported the same issues with 8L0A fw, reporting that it turns the drive into a heap of garbage, some have been able to downgrade but have not posted how.

Thank you.
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    I was able to backflash it to 8L05. This thread can be closed ^_^.
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